Infrared medical thermometer Thermoflash

  • Fast measurement : Instant measurement, less than 1 second

  • Multiple measurements (people , liquids, surfaces or rooms)

  • Memorization of the last 32 temperature measurements

  • Back lighted LCD display for a better visibility

  • 2 year warranty

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Number 1 in sales* in France in the contactless thermometer category

* Source GERS CAM 01/2023 contactless thermometers segment
Thermoflash BIOSYNEX

Thermometers are medical devices for monitoring at home. They provide doctors with clinical information that helps them establish a diagnosis (evolution of the fever, reaction of the body to medication, etc.). The result obtained by the thermometer is just as important as the evolution of the temperature itself.

A high temperature is a sign of fever, which in turn is a sign of immune response to attack (disease).

The Thermoflash allows you to monitor your temperature in less than a second. It measures the infrared energy emitted by the body. Measurement is taken on the right temporal artery, which is the best vascularised zone. This provides the closest result to the central temperature of the human body.

Fast and reliable, our thermometer has a multiple measurement function. In fact, it takes temperatures of objects, baths, rooms or bodies.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why don’t i have the same temperature with contactless as with rectal?

  • Why does my temperature vary with each measurement?

  • Do i need to adjust my thermoflash?

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