• Cardiac arrhytmia detection

  • Easy to read (Large digital screen with date and time)

  • Measurement reminder alarm

  • Double size cuff (M-L 22-42 cm)

  • 60 memorized measurements

  • Arithmetic average of the last 3 measurements

  • 2 years warranty

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There are now 1.28 billion people with high blood pressure, twice as many as in 1990.

Source : World Health Organization
BIOSYNEX cuff blood pressure monitor illustration

Our Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor provides reliable and accurate measurements using an oscillometric measurement method. The monitor detects the flow of your blood through the artery in your arm and then converts the detected movements into a digital reading. With its adjustable cuff (sizes M and L or 22-42 cm) our monitor is easy to fit and comfortable to wear.


Frequently asked questions

  • How should i take my blood pressure?

  • How should i place the blood pressure monitor?

  • How to interpret my results?

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