Vaginal Infection Self Test BIOSYNEX
  • Detected through vaginal pH (to differentiate vaginosis and mycosis).

  • Simple, result by visual colorimetric reading

  • Rapid, instant result

  • Reliable, +90%

  • Practic, 3 tests per kit

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50% of vaginal infections are mycosis.*

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The Biosynex vaginal infection self-test lets you immediately determine vaginal pH to identify the type of vaginal infection. This allows for proper treatment, avoiding ineffective treatments, such as antibiotics for yeast infections which could pose a major risk of the infection spreading.

The vaginal infection self-test is intended for women who have had the following symptoms for 2 months: itchiness, burning, abnormal vaginal discharge, pains.


Frequently asked questions

  • How to store the vaginal infection self-test?

  • How to interpret the results?

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