8 days Self Test BIOSYNEX
  • Easy to use: no need to know the date of your period

  • Sensitive: 10 mUI/ml

  • Fast: results in 3 minutes

  • Reliable: 99% accuracy from the first day of a late period. 69% of pregnant women receive a positive result from the 8th day following sexual intercourse.

51% of women only roughly know the date of their next period. 15% of women have no idea when their next period will be.*

Source : Sondage IFOP, janvier 2019
Self test 8 days illustration BIOSYNEX

The BIOSYNEX 8-day pregnancy test is an “early” pregnancy test that works on the same principle as traditional pregnancy tests but has a more reliable detection threshold. The 8-day pregnancy test is an early pregnancy test that can be used 8 days after sexual intercourse. No more need to remember the date of your period! You can use the 8-day pregnancy test from the eighth day after fertile sexual intercourse, or more than 5 days after conception. From this point, a study has shown that 69% of pregnant women have already received a positive test.


  • 1 test pen for the single version, 2 test pens for the duo version
  • 1 instruction leaflet


Frequently asked questions

  • How does the urine test work?

  • When is the earliest I can take the test once I suspect that I might be pregnant?

  • Do I have to take the test using first-morning urine?

  • How accurate is the test?

  • How sensitive is the test?

  • What should I do if the result is positive?

  • How can I be sure that the test was performed correctly?

  • What should I do if the result is negative?

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