• Clinically validated (Clinical study ISO 81060-2: 2013)

  • Double size armband (M-L : 22-42 cm)

  • Easy to read (WHO classification and wide screen)

  • Compact and perfect for travelling

  • Detection of cardiac arrhythmias

  • Up to 2 users (2 x120 measurement in memory)

  • Batteries or a USB cable (supplied)

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Our compact blood pressure monitor provides reliable measurements of systolic and diastolic pressure (your blood pressure) using the so-called oscillometric method. Compact, it is very useful for travel as well as on the move. The large backlit display makes it easy to read. Our compact monitor is also capable of recording a total of 120 measurements per user for two users.


Frequently asked questions

  • How to fit the cuff?

  • When should i take my blood pressure?

  • How to understand my results?

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