Ovulation Self Test BIOSYNEX
  • Detects peak LH to determine the 2 most favourable days for conception

  • Sensitive, 40 mIU/ml

  • Fast, result in 3 minutes

  • 99% reliable

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44% of women have little or no knowledge of the phases of the menstrual cycle. 38% of women do not know their ovulation period.*

*Sources: Sondage IFOP, January 2019 and patient leaflet. http://www.cngof.fr/ et Wilcox AJ, Dunson D, Baird DD. The timing of the «fertile window» in the menstrual cycle: day specific estimates from a prospective study. BMJ. 2000 Nov 18;321(7271):1259-62. doi: 10.1136/ bmj.321.7271.1259. PMID: 11082086; PMCID: PMC27529.
Ovulation Self-test BIOSYNEX illustration-

The Biosynex ovulation self-test helps to identify peaks in LH and, therefore, determine the two most fertile days in your menstrual cycle. In these two days, a sperm cell has the chance to fertilise an egg cell.

The ovulation self-test, which is 99% accurate and contains 10 tests. It is intended for women with irregular menstrual cycles or with ovulation days that are difficult to determine.


  • 10 test pens
  • 1 instruction leaflet


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use the Ovulation self-test to avoid becoming pregnant?

  • How reliable is the Ovulation self-test?

  • How sensitive is the Ovulation self-test?

  • Do alcohol or medicinal products affect the test result?

  • Why is it not recommended to use first-morning urine to perform the test? At what time of day should I perform the test?

  • Does drinking affect the test result?

  • How long does the line stay visible?

  • Once a positive result has appeared, what is the best time to have sexual intercourse?

  • I use the temperature method. Can the Ovulation self-test replace the temperature method?

  • I had a positive result and had sexual intercourse during my fertile period. I think I am pregnant. When is the earliest I can know for sure?

  • I had a positive result and had sexual intercourse during my fertile period, but I am not pregnant. What should I do?

  • There are 2 lines on my test. Is it positive?

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