• Detection of the virus antibodies (HIV 1 and 2)

  • Easy to use (through blood collection)

  • Rapid, result in 10 minutes

  • Reliable, 99.9% from 3 months after the risky behavior

  • Used in RDT format by different associations

Selected by UNAIDS experts as one of the major innovations of 2019. Ranked among the tests recognized by the Global Fund since 2019*

Sources : santepubliquefrance.fr, ccomptes.fr
Self-test VIH illustration

The Exacto HIV self-test lets you screen for HIV infection (HIV 1 and HIV 2), the virus that causes AIDS, by detecting viral antibodies. Early treatment will allow the viral load to lower and become untraceable, stop the infection from getting worse, provide a life expectancy closer to that of the general population, and reduce the risk of infection. The Exacto HIV self-test can be carried out alone or as a couple. It allows you to have a result that is more than 99% accurate, after exposure to risk within at least 3 months, in just 10 minutes from a simple drop of blood.


  • 1 test cassette
  • 1 diluent
  • 1 sampling device
  • 1 lancing device
  • 1 alcohol wipe
  • 1 compress
  • 1 dressing
  • 1 instruction leaflet


Frequently asked questions

  • How does the EXACTO HIV Self-Test work?

  • At what time of day can I take the test?

  • Why do I have to wait three months after the last exposure to test myself?

  • I’ve taken a risk recently and it worries me, what should I do?

  • My result is positive, what should I do?

  • Which finger should be pricked?

  • The test was negative but it became positive after 20 minutes, am I positive or negative?

  • The test still reliable several years after taking the risk?

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