• Versatility - Two technologies in one device allowing for a unique panel of evolving tests.

  • Mobile – Portable device to assist healthcare professionals in direct contact with patients wherever they are.

  • Connected – Connect via a smartphone and tablet application.

Your pocket lab

LabPad® Evolution and INR

LabPad Evolution is a Point of Care (PoC) in vitro diagnostic device designed to assist healthcare professionals in direct contact with patients. The LabPad® Evolution is designed to perform rapid tests from a small sample volume. LabPad® Evolution can be used with Tsmart® or Ksmart® consumables, currently available for PT/INR measurement and SARS-CoV-2 antigen and antibody detection.

LabPad® INR is an in vitro diagnostic Point of Care (PoC) device for monitoring patients on oral anti-vitamin K (VKA) anticoagulant therapy using the Tsmart® INR microcuvette. LabPad® INR provides INR (International Normalized Ratio), prothrombin time (PT) and prothrombin time (QT). It is validated for both professional use and patient self-testing.

  • Tsmart

  • Ksmart

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