We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the North American company ProciseDx! This acquisition strengthens our laboratory's presence in the United States, and represents a strategic step forward in biotherapy monitoring.

This operation comes just a few weeks after the acquisition of Medford, New York-based CHEMBIO. One of BIOSYNEX's objectives is to initiate a process of integration of these two to develop numerous technological and industrial synergies. Cost reductions by pooling sales and administrative services.

BIOSYNEX's control of THERADIAG and ProciseDx positions the Group as a leader in this emerging biotherapy monitoring market.

« This 100% acquisition of ProciseDx is an important step in our conquest of the North American market and is in line with our strategy to develop an innovative in biotherapy monitoring, applied at the point of care. » - Larry Abensur, CEO of BIOSYNEX GROUP.

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