Rapid diagnostic tests & self-measurement

The group Biosynex is the market leader of rapid diagnostic tests in France.

Rapid diagnostic tests are a quick way to detect a disease or pregnancy via a chemical reaction (with immunochromatography on strips or membranes by par immunoprecipitation) that triggers a specific coloration allowing the user to interpret the results immediately. Multiple pros: the test is simple, inexpensive, easy to use & can be used outside of home.

Biosynex is a major player in the self-measurement segment.Through its commitment, Prodiag contributes to the detection & prevention of risks associated with diabetes , asthma , heart tension, and viral fevers.

These are some rapid diagnostic tests and devices for self-measurement distributed by the group:

  • Pregnancy tests MedicAID, BBNews, Exacto
  • DrugCheck ® : drug testing
  • Thermometers : without contact, digital, for children
  • Blood pressure monitors  with technologies IHD
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose (On Call Vivid ®), asthma (PeakFLow ®)