Group identity


Biosynex focuses its development on products with high value added. Strategic choices will include both on niche markets and innovative new medical applications in the field of rapid diagnostic test (RDT).

By its desire to be a recognized innovator in the ToR , the Biosynex Group has implemented a policy of protection of proactive intellectual property.

Then, a first European patent ( EP2798144 ) was issued for his Biosynex break test of fetal membranes , based on the simultaneous detection of both markers ( AFP and IGFBP -1). The national patent applications for this invention are underway in Japan, Australia and Canada.


The complementarity of the group’s activities allows vertical integration of knowledge that make it a powerful set. From design and development of innovative products, to marketing of a broad portfolio of products, Biosynex is the perfect example of the convergence of energies combining performance and productivity.

  • Production : Local production , branding Made In France.
  • Purchasing : Rationalization of suppliers and bargaining power
  • Logistics: One logistic center. Increased ability to negotiate with carriers.
  • Marketing & communication : Communication tools and shared operations (exhibitions , catalogs, digital communication … )
  • Distribution : Large and efficient distribution network in priority markets.
  • Regulatory : A group certification and certification products on a streamlined range
  • Administration & finance : A centralized back office for increased efficiency.

 High potential of  development

The group is undeniably positioned on works of the future.

Quick and simple to use, requiring no training, RDTs allow the rise of a new biology called delocalized (outside the traditional laboratory), which is also called in the US POC (point of care tests / from the patient ) and self tests (home tests).

They meet a growing demand : to the general public via pharmacies ( self test or home test) , in medical offices ( Doctor tests) ,  Laboratories and hospitals ( emergency ) and testing ( testing centers , testing ground in Africa ) .